Organise a Coat Drive


We would love you to organise your own OFF YOUR BACK coat drive (thank you!) Follow these simple steps:

1. Notify Your Friends – inform your friends, tell the family, work colleagues, neighbours, teachers, coaches etc. about the OFF YOUR BACK Coat Drive.  Once, you’ve got it running, use any means that works for you – share updates on social media, SMS, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, email, phone, media, newsletter…
Visit page 4-10 of our guidebook on this website for sample flyers, press release and ads. You can also download eachof these from our website if you would like to make amendments or download our logo to insert into your own communication.
Remember, Off Your Back Coat Drive runs from June 1st – August 31st every year so you will need to run your drive between these dates.

2. Bag Them Up – as you collect the coats please place them into large durable garbage bags.

3. Address Them – go to our ‘Tools’ section and print the Collection Bag Label and stick it on each garbage bag priorto drop off.

4 Drop Them Off – take the labelled garbage bags to the Salvation Army, 69 Bourke St, Melbourne (pls note this is the only Salvation Army drop off) or at one of the drop off points listed – Click here to view Drop off points

5. Share The Good News – Let those who supported the drive, know how it went and thank them for their donation. People like to find out how many coats you as a group were able to collect and in turn how many people will be helped.

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